American Legion Post 56 in York, Maine Going Up For Auction


It is always a sad day when a Veteran Organization is knocked down because of some heartless soul that is out to steal from them.  The more you read about American Legion Post 56, the more you realize just how good these Veterans are to one another and their community.  This modest group of Veterans started to build this new Post with money that they say was earned through “15 to 20 years of guys selling hot dogs and hamburgers.”

Tomorrow, July 23, at 11 AM EST American Legion Post 56 in York, Maine will go up on the auction block.  The Legion had hired a general contractor in the past to help them build the post and help raise money.  The general contractor, 39 year old Ryan Byther,  failed to pay subcontractors hundreds of thousands of dollars and was ultimately taken to court and ordered to pay back $1.4 million in 2010.  A criminal case brought against the general contractor also resulted in him being found guilty of theft by deception.   American Legion Post 56 will likely never see a dime of that money and can no longer afford to keep their building and it is going up for auction.

Ryan Byther also misrepresented himself to the Legion as an experienced fundraiser.  The Legion paid him $50,000 to manage a $2 million fundraising campaign which actually ended up raising zero dollars because of his inexperience.  Ryan Byther was also ordered to pay back the $50,000.

The American Legion Post works hard to give back to the community and 12,000 sq ft Post has been the site of many weddings, reunions,  birthdays and other events.  Members of American Legion Post 56 hope that someone with the financial means to do so, will step up and buy the building and allow them to stay there.  The town of York, Maine has already been approved by voters to buy the building to be used as a new police station.

The website for American Legion Post 56 in York, Maine is unavailable at this time.

American Legion Post 56
York, Maine 03909

If you would like to learn more about this American Legion Post and how the members banded together to make it happen, check this page.

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