Another Case Of “This Photo Is Not What People Are Saying It Is”


20150711-flag2The facebook page U.S. Army WTF! moments is trying to enlighten the public when it comes to an image which is being shared on the internet. The photo, taken many years ago in a recruiting office, is apparently of a Soldier holding a desecrated U.S. Flag that is confiscated property/evidence from a rally.  The reason the U.S. Flag is being flown upside down is that it has writing on it which is written so it can be read while the flag is upside down.  The writing states: “There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people”  The quote is from Howard Zinn, an American historian, political scientist, playwright and social activist.

The Soldier is not making a political statement, but instead is likely holding the U.S. Flag so it can be documented via photographs as it was apparently confiscated proprty.  As U.S. Army WTF! moments asks, if you see this photo, please pass on the facts so others don’t share the photo thinking it is anything different.

We blurred the cover photo and will only show a small thumbnail of the photo.

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