Fellow Veterans, It’s Time To Record Your Stories


Each day that goes by, more Veterans are passing away and taking stories of from their time in service with them.  Stories about buddies, units, deployments, training and experiences both good and bad are often left unrecorded and gone forever.  Veterans play an important part in the history of America and those stories need to be preserved for future generations.

Many years ago, when I sat down with my grandfather and told him I had joined the Army, he opened up to me a about his experiences in World War II.  I was too young then to appreciate what he was telling me and how he was opening up to me about stuff that he never ever talked about with other members of our family.  Those stories he told me are hazy at best and I wish I could recall every detail as I try to learn more about his time in the U.S. Army.  Unfortunately, other than the little bits of information I remember, the stories my grandfather told me are lost forever.

Story Corps is a national project working to record, preserve and share stories like the ones that us Veterans can and should tell.  Story Corps has been around since 2003 and has archived 50,000 interviews with over 100,000 participants.  Story Corps provides an easy to use method to record and archive stories that may otherwise be lost forever.  If you use their free app to record your story, you can even choose to have the story preserved at the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress for future generations to listen to.

Some Veterans have already had their stories recorded through the Story Corps Military Voices Initiative.  To learn more about getting the app to record your story or the story of a fellow Veteran, scroll down to the end of the page.

Seriously consider recording your stories and stories of Veterans that you may know.  Below are three stories that were recorded with Story Corps.  Click the images to be taken to their pages on the Story Corps website.




20150811-sc05Story Corps has an app which is available for in the iOS devices and Android devices.  The app is free and will help walk you through the process of recording a story in the form of an interview.  For information about the Story Corps App, check this page.


About StoryCorps
Founded in 2003, the nonprofit organization StoryCorps, based in Brooklyn, New York has given 100,000 people the chance to record interviews about their lives, pass wisdom from one generation to the next, and leave a legacy for the future. It is the largest single collection of human voices ever gathered.

StoryCorps shares edited excerpts of these stories with the world through popular weekly NPR broadcasts, animated shorts, digital platforms, and best-selling books. These powerful conversations illustrate our shared humanity and show how much more we share in common than divides us.

StoryCorps interviews have traditionally been recorded in StoryCorps booths in the United States with the assistance of StoryCorps facilitators. With the introduction of this app, StoryCorps interviews can now be recorded anywhere, anytime and shared to our companion website at StoryCorps.me. For at least one year after launch, interviews shared to StoryCorps.me through the app will be archived at the American Folklife Center at the United States Library of Congress.

To learn more, visit StoryCorps.org and StoryCorps.me.

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