Gary Sinise (Lt. Dan) Has A Message For Donald Trump


Gary Sinise is an avid supporter of the Military and Military Families.  Gary and his Lt. Dan Band have traveled the globe entertaining troops and he is active in many organizations which support Veterans. Gary Sinise is one of the nicest down to earth supporters of Veterans that you will ever meet.  It was an honor to meet him on one of his tours for the Military and I can only assume that if you are able to get Gary’s feathers ruffled, you done messed something up.

Below is what is essentially an open letter to Donald Trump written by Gary Sinise on July 20, 2015.  The letter below is in response to Donald Trump’s remarks about Sen John McCain not being a “war hero” just because he was shot down and captured by the enemy and held as a Prisoner of War (POW).

mccainMr Trump, with all due respect, I fail to understand your motive in attacking Senator McCain by suggesting that he has not earned a place of honor as a war hero for serving his country, getting shot down, surviving severe injuries from that shoot down, and then enduring 5 1/2 years of brutal torture at the hands of the enemy. It seems perhaps that your intention might have been to draw attention to the unmet needs of our veteran community. But I fail to see how you could possibly think that attacking and insulting a Vietnam veteran prisoner of war, and in turn an entire group of POW’s from the Vietnam War, will serve to generate support for veterans in general. Certainly we can always work to improve the lives of our veterans and both public and private sectors can always do more. But I have to say I am highly disappointed in your tactic here. I suggest that as a successful person yourself, there are far more productive ways that you can use your influence to help our service members past and present. And I don’t think it’s too late to take these comments back. You can do that sir. Respectfully Gary Sinise


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