How To Get Your Hands On That Surplus Military Equipment


Remember that military gear you lost and the government charged you an arm and a leg to replace? Losing something like a duffel bag meant that a little less than $40 was going to come out of your pocket to cover the lost item. What if I told you that you have a good chance at spending less money than you would to replace one duffel bag and you may be able to walk away with 200 duffel bags?

The military gear, trucks, computers, boats, machinery and more that you spent countless hours cleaning, maintaining and keeping accountability of are put up for auction when the government no longer needs them.  These suplus items are put up for auction and listed on a website to make it easy for you to see what they offer.   You can narrow down your search by location, and if lucky, you can walk away with a pallet of ruck sacks, a huge box of canteens, a golf cart, single axle cargo trailer or other maybe even an old deuce and a half or five ton truck.

Check out some of these items that were just listed for auction:

Looking for a 6×6 Cargo Truck?


How about 300 Duffel Bags?


Have you ever needed 150 Assault Packs?


You can throw all your duffel bags in this trailer


Maybe even roll around the neighborhood in this golf cart


Check out the auction website

If you are curious about the government surplus auctions, visit the Gov Liquidation website and see what is available in your area. In most cases, whatever you bid on and win has to be picked up at a specific location, so make sure you read the fine print for the auction before you bid.

Government Liquidation (GL), a Liquidity Services, Inc. marketplace is the exclusive contractor of the DLA Disposition Services for the sale of surplus and scrap assets of the United States Department of Defense (DOD).

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