Iraq War Veteran Selling His Baseball Card Collection To Help Fund His Cancer Treatment

Photo Credit: Brad's Battle Against Lymphoma GoFundMe pagePhoto Credit: Brad's Battle Against Lymphoma GoFundMe page

On Sunday, Fox 31 of Denver, Colorado reported on Brad Solomon, an Iraq War Veteran who was diagnosed with a blood cancer (lymphoma) in March of this year.  Brads cancer is stage 4 and the cancer has consumed almost all of his body. Unable to work and attend school due to the illness, Solomon has had to resort to selling his beloved baseball card collection in an attempt to cover the medical bills.

The article mentioned that Brad and his girlfriend of eight years have reached out to “all these organizations for months now” with no success in finding the support they need.  Likely due to the recent news coverage by Fox 31, the community has recently shown a huge outpouring of support for Solomon and they have been donating money to the GoFundMe account which was set up by his family.  The GoFundMe account donations are going to be used to help cover his medical bills. As this is written, the amount donated is $3,435 of the $50,000 they are hoping to receive.

As Fox 31 reported in a news article today, “After we told you his story on Sunday, support has come pouring in.”  The GoFundMe page titled “Brad’s Battle Against Lymphoma” has message to supporters which was posted on the page about an hour.  The message reads:

“Brad and I keep coming back to how unbelievable this community has been to come together to help him through all of this. Words cannot explain the level of appreciation that we have for each and everyone of you that has continued to share. Please continue to pray with us that his CT scan comes back better than what we heard the last time and that he can start his next round of chemotherapy soon! For those of you in the Denver metro area, feel free to stop by and see Brad on Saturday at Mikes Stadium Sports Cards at 4022 S. Parker Road, Aurora CO 80014.”

If you are in the Aurora, Colorado area, you may want to take them up on the offer and stop by and check on this fellow Veteran.  As we learned with the recent passing of SPC Gustavo Moreno to lymphoma this past Friday, we need to push to get more Veterans to volunteer to get added to the C.W. Bill Young Department of Defense Marrow Donor Program. The donors could be a match to someone that needs to have a bone marrow transplant in order to beat certain types of cancer.

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