Learn How Veterans Can Fly Free To Job Interviews


If you are a transitioning Veteran who needs to fly to an interview in a different state, Hire Our Heroes can help you get their for free by providing a free round trip ticket.  This program is focused on providing assistance to all Servicemembers who plan to separate from service within the next 90 days or have separated from service within the last year.  Don’t worry, even if you separated more than a year ago, you can still receive support from Hire Our Heroes.

There is no cost incurred by the Veteran or the company conducting the interview.  This program not only supports the Veterans, but also helps to support small to medium-sized businesses by making it easier for them to consider the employment of Veterans who may not be in their immediate area.  This program is not available if you are trying to travel to a job fair or working with a staffing company to secure employment.

Prior to providing the free round trip ticket to the interview, Hire Our Heroes will contact the company conducting the interview to verify where the Veteran is in the process.  Hire Our Heroes relies on TroopID to confirm that applicants are indeed Veterans.

Flights are provided by Southwest Airlines  and there are a limited number of tickets.  The free round-trip tickets have no cash value and cannot be resold.  Flights are available to anywhere that Southwest Airlines flies and tickets are limited and on a first come first served basis.

To initiate a ticket request, visit this page on the TroopID website.  You can also visit the Hire Our Heroes website or email them at [email protected] for more information.

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