Marine Corps Veteran Honors Marines Killed In Tennessee


Locals are used to seeing U.S.M.C. Veteran Ben Kinsey standing on the I-20 overpass in North Augusta, South Carolina each September 11th, holding the American flag for 11 hours “to remember the folks who died on September 11th”.  Each year, some locals even bring him food and water to help him make it in the temperatures which can exceed 100 degrees.  When Noah Smith drove by the bridge and saw Ben Kinsey holding his American Flag proudly, his interest was piqued.


Photo Credit: Noah Smith‎

As Noah writes on facebook, “Coming home from work today, I saw this man standing on the bridge over I 20. I wonder what he was doing turned around, parked my car got out and walked up to him and said, “Sir this is really awesome of you but why are you doing this?” He replies with “I’m standing out here for the four Marines killed today in TN. You know they can survive combat and come home during a peaceful time and get killed.”

Unfortunately, for safety reasons, Mr Kinsey left on his own accord from the overpass after a brief visit from a North Augusta Public Safety Officer, so he did not get the chance to finish his 4 hour tour.   All the attention that Mr Kinsey has been receiving has increased awareness of what he is doing and a lot of supporters who vowed to stand with him on September 11th.

Thank you Mr Kinsey.


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