Marine Corps Veteran To Bring Attention To Veteran-Owned Businesses


After serving eight years in the United States Marine Corps and with several combat tours under his belt, injuries sustained in combat forced an end to Steve Thompson’s time in the Corps.  Thompson left the Marine Corps in 2010 and struggled to cope with his Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, find employment and also work through family issues.   Thompson would eventually remarry, start a family and start Vigilant Shield LLC.  With a newly found passion for cooking and a deep appreciation for businesses run by fellow Veterans, Thompson has made it his mission in life to bring awareness to Veteran-run businesses.  Thompson told IBOV “After talking to a few fellow Veterans over a bottle 4 Spirits Bourbon, I thought; This is really good whiskey, made by Veterans, and so few people know about it.  How can I change that?  It was at this point that the idea for the show was born.”

Vigilant Kitchen is a unique show which will be a streaming web series aired through the “All Warrior Network.” AWN distributes on platforms such as HULU and Amazon.   The show will bring the viewers to the doorsteps of Military Veteran and first responder-owned businesses all across the United States and will have a bit of comedy mixed with great information about these amazing companies, even better people, and some great food.”

To ensure that the quality of the shows are high quality, Thompson has partnered with partnered with “Justin Perspective Productions”, a Portland based video production company.  The lineup for season one of Vigilant Kitchen already contains some big names in the Veteran world such as Grunt Style, Tactical Shit, Spotter Up Tactical Solutions, 4 Spirits Distillery and more.   As of right now, the show is a project on kickstarter and the campaign is seeking $40,000 from backers who wish to help Vigilant Kitchen to the next phase.

You can learn more about Vigilant Shield on their kickstarter page.

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