New Organization Giving Veterans A Unique Way To Give Back To Their Communities


People go missing every day.  Disasters happen.  There are times when law enforcement, first responders and search and rescue teams need assistance, especially when they are working with limited budgets and limited manpower.  When the time comes to request assistance, Veteran Search and Rescue (Veteran SAR) has been working since early 2015 to create an organization from the ground up that will be able to fill that request with trained Veterans who can quickly and professionally integrate themselves into the operations and utilize their military experience and training for the good of the community.


search_dogVeteran SAR’s membership is open to any U.S. Military Veteran who wishes to have an opportunity to volunteer to respond to situations within their communities and assist law enforcement, first responders, and other search and rescue teams. Veteran SAR only asks that members try to be active within their state groups so they can stay on top of training opportunities and learn from others that share their knowledge of Search and Rescue operations, but members are not required to assist with an SAR if they are not capable or able. There is no cost to join and members gain access to an area on the VeteranSAR.org site designed to share information with others in their state. Some members even work to coordinate training events with law enforcement and first responders to improve their skills and knowledge along with helping to foster and maintain good relations.

What they do

The goal of Veteran SAR is to have a nationwide team of volunteers that are willing to upon official request, volunteer to conduct search and rescue in various environments.  Once requested by law enforcement agencies, first responders, or other search and rescue teams, Veteran SAR members in the area will be alerted and if available, deploy in support of the search and rescue effort.  Team members may conduct searches as boots on the ground or work alongside others depending on their skills, abilities and certifications.  Veteran SAR members are able to significantly increase the effectiveness of SAR efforts by providing personnel with a military background.  Veteran SAR members have varying levels of training and certification in first aid and depending on the geographical areas, may have mountaineering, cold weather, jungle, and other forms of training that local agencies may not have readily available. Veteran SAR is different from Team Rubicon.  While Veteran SAR focuses on Search and Rescue efforts, Team Rubicon generally deploys on Disaster Relief Operations across the United States and around the World.  Veteran SAR is a quick way to get a professional, all volunteer and all Veteran team to assist in search and rescue efforts no matter the scope.

Inclement weather support

Many of the members of Veteran SAR have 4×4 vehicles and have volunteered to provide inclement weather support for law enforcement officers or medical personnel that need assistance getting to work during inclement weather such as during bad snow storms or major flooding. According to the Veteran SAR website “It is important that some sectors of the U.S. workforce make it to work regardless of the driving conditions and if we have members in your area that are able to assist you, we will do our best to connect you with someone who can get you to work.

How to join

If you are interested in helping to build Veteran SAR, just visit their membership page and register for a free membership.  After a review of your information and once your account is approved, they will assign you to your state.  You will then have the ability to not only plan and attend training, but may also have the chance to make a difference in your community when your community needs you the most.

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