New Website Helps You Research Veterans In Your Family For Free With Help Of Volunteers


Have you ever wondered what a family member did while serving in the U.S. Military?  Are you trying to find other Veterans that a Veteran you know served with?  Are you trying to piece together the time in service of a family member you never got the chance to meet? A new service called Veteran Research has started what they are calling the Veteran Research Project, a volunteer-driven effort to allow anyone who is interested in learning more about a U.S. Military Veteran a chance to do so.

veteran_research_logo_ibovThe heart of the Veteran Research Project is a database that allows people to enter information that they know about a Veteran they are researching.  Information such as their full name, nicknames, branch of service, wars they may have fought in, units and locations they were assigned at, and even a few photos of the Veteran, is just some of the information that can be entered.

Upon submitting the information into the database, an email will be sent containing two links; one is a private link that allows easy updating of the information in the Veteran’s file in the database and the other is a link that can be shared with others so they can view the information.

If someone is researching a Veteran, they are encouraged to take advantage of the many resources that are listed on the Veteran Research website to help to kick start their research.  The resources will help them to do research going back to the Revolutionary War and includes missing in action and prisoner of war records, records about ground combat operations, Army enlistment records and more.

A bonus to adding a Veteran into the Veteran Research database is that the project is volunteer-driven.  The records of Veterans entered into the database can be searched and anyone that has free time on their hands can start researching a Veteran and provide updates either by commenting on the Veteran’s record or by contacting the point of contact for the record directly via email.

As a service operated by a Veteran, it gives a chance for family members and friends to do put their information in one place and keep it updated along with taking advantage of the generosity of volunteers who may also assist in  researching the Veterans listed.

The Veteran Research Project located at VeteranResearch.org is straightforward about what happens with the information entered into the database.  They tell you that all the information you enter is publicly available and can be searched.  They remind people not to enter sensitive information such as social security numbers of the Veterans they are adding and they state that the information is only used to aid in the researching of the military history of a U.S. Military Veteran.

If you ever wondered about what a family member did while serving or maybe you want to try to connect with old buddies you served with, you should give the Veteran Research Database a try.

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