Operation Find GRIDLOCK004 – Help Parents Recover Colt 1911 Previously Owned By Their Army Veteran Son


James “Lee” Martin deployed from January to December 2013 to Kabul, Afghanistan with the 1438th TC (Transportation Company).  During his deployment, Martin purchased a commemorative Colt 1911 with unit markings and a custom serial number.  About a year and a half after his redeployment, Martin, a Soldier in the Indiana Army National Guard, passed away on May 15, 2015 from injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident in Spencer, Indiana. What his parents did not know until it was too late was that Martin has previously pawned his treasured Colt 1911 at Budget Bob’s Gun Shop in Spencer, Indiana.  When Martin’s parents realized that this Colt 1911, an item that has great sentimental value to them, had been pawned and went to get it back, it was too late.  Little information is known about the current whereabouts of the Commemorative Colt 1911 other than the firearm was pawned at Budget Bob’s Gun Shop and according to facebook posts documenting the search, the shop may have sold the Colt 1911 to a friend who may have sold the Colt 1911 at a gun show.

lee_martin_03Martin’s mother, Martha Rivas, has turned to the internet in an attempt to help locate this unique Colt 1911. Her hope is that the current owner can be located and the Colt 1911 can be purchased back by Martin’s family.  According to posts on her facebook page, Budget Bob’s won’t provide any information to the family about who the firearm was sold to and they have basically hit a dead-end.  Someone out their has to know of the whereabouts of #GRIDLOCK004

Please take a few seconds to share this information so if anyone knows anything about the Colt 1911 with “Kabul Afghanistan 1438th TC” engraved on the slide and the serial number GRIDLOCK004, they can contact Martha Rivas.

Help Find #GRIDLOCK004

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