Powerful Photo for Veterans


too_many_choose_itWhile reading through the posts on the Tactical Shit facebook page I stumbled across this powerful image depicting a troubled Veteran who has turned to alcohol and medication to help him fight through his issues.  Unfortunately, the Veteran has decided to move to the next and final step and force a permanent solution to a temporary problem, but his buddies are their to help him.

As the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan along with other operations all over the world placed increasing demands on what some may consider an already worn out and tired military from the United States and other countries, Suicide amongst Veterans has grown to be a very public issue, especially in the United States.  Unfortunately, Veterans from other countries are fighting the same battles inside and their governments and their military are slowly realizing that support and assistance is needed to for their troops.  While some may argue that not enough is being done, it is quite obvious that the United States has been leading the way in recognizing the issues and working to provide help and support needed to Veterans.  Other countries are following suit and that is a good sign.  There is always more that can be done, but recognizing that the issue is there is half the battle.

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  1. Leading the way, but still WAY behind

  2. Vote Bernie Sanders, he is REALLY aiming to help veterans

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