The Military’s New Light Tactical All Terrain Vehicle


Chances are that unless you are in the US Special Operations Command (SOCOM), you will probably never get a chance to roll around in a combat zone in the new Light Tactical All Terrain Vehicle, but it is cool to read about anyway.

SOCOM is purchasing about 2000 of these new vehicles from Polaris which come in a two or four seat configuration. These new vehicles can be easily transported in several of the rotary winged aircraft that SOCOM utilizes and they can be dropped from the air.

Image credit: Polaris Defense

Image credit: Polaris Defense

Both the two seater MRZR-2 and the four seater MRZR-4 come with a 4-stroke twin cylinder engine pushing 875 CC and 88 Horsepower.  Top speed is 60 miles an hour.  With on-demand true all-wheel drive and 12.5 inches of travel for both the front and rear suspension, these vehicles will be able to go just about anywhere.

The payload capacity differs between the two models with the MRZR-2 having a 1000 pound capacity and the MRZR-4 having a 1500 pound capacity.  Optional rear facing seats are available for both models extending the number of passengers by two for a total of 4 for the MRZR-2 and 6 for the MRZR-4.  Both models come with four-point harnesses with quick release latches to secure the passengers.  Both models also come with aircraft tie-downs, a quick-rail cargo system, 3,500 pound winch, and black-out drive (lights) and IR Lights and the “Military Tan” paint job.

Video from Polaris Defense for the MRZR

Photos of the MRZR-2 and MRZR-4






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