Trump Starts Hotline For Veterans, Vows To Fix VA If Elected


Donald Trump has pledged that if elected as President of the United States in the 2016 Presidential Election, he will take care of Veteran’s complaints.  This follows a recent comment that Donald Trump made about Senator John McCain which ruffled a lot of feathers to include those of Gary Sinise (Lt. Dan).  Trump says he established the hotline and email address for Veterans so they can let him know how the Veterans Administration should be reformed and has stated that if elected, he will take care of Veteran’s complaints “very quickly and efficiently like a world-class businessman can do, but a politician has no clue.

The phone number for Trump’s Veteran Hotline is 855-VETS-352 (855-838-7352) and the email you can send your suggestions to is [email protected]  Trump himself has said that he will be responding to some of the messages personally, so if you give him a call or send him and email, you just might just hear back from Trump.

Curious and loaded with a bunch of suggestions on how the VA could be fixed in my opinion, I tried to call the phone number for Trump’s hotline.  I was greeted by a recorded message that said “All of our representatives are busy handling other Veteran’s calls right now.  Please call again during our office hours of 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday, Central Standard Time.  We thank you for your service.”   I probably won’t try to call again during business hours, but at least I gave it a shot.

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