VA “not accepting new patients in Atlanta”


A video is spreading quickly around the news networks and Veteran websites that shows what appears to be a patient at one VA Clinic in Atlanta, Georgia trying to transfer from the VA Clinic in Athens, Georgia to the clinic in Atlanta.

As it turns out, the Veteran who is told the VA is not accepting any new patients is former Army Specialist, Chris Dorsey.  Chris was turned down at a VA clinic and did not think anyone would believe him, so we we to another facility in Oakwood Georgia armed with a smartphone to take a video. We attempted to list the conversation the best we could from 6:43 in the video below to 7:00 where the dialogue between the Veteran filing and the VA employee takes place.

VA Employee: “How may I help you”
Veteran: “I was in the Athens Clinic.  I lost my job over there, I need to switch back over here”
VA Employee: “We are not accepting any new patients.”
Veteran: “The VA is not accepting any new patients?”
VA Employee: “Not this clinic”
Veteran: “OK”

Obviously, we only know part of the story, but the fact that the VA would turn any Veteran who is eligible to use their services is a slap in the face to those that have served our Country.  Skip to 6:40 and watch the Video Below.

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