Veteran Crowdfunding Pages

20150811-VETERANCROWDFUNDINGOccasionally we will receive a request to share a crowdfunding page for a Veteran. We cannot share an article about every page or crowd funding effort that is sent to us, so we have decided it best to put one page on our site that lists the crowdfunding pages with a brief description of each.  If you would like your crowdfunding page to be listed on this page, send us a message through our facebook page at www.facebook.com/ibov.org.

* We do not verify the Veteran status or the legitimacy of the crowdfunding campaign.  If you have concerns, contact the crowdfunding organizer directly using the contact information on the pages.

08-11-2015: Navy Vet Family Facing Eviction

08-09-2015: Help A Veteran

08-01-2015: Brad’s Battle Against Lymphoma

07-21-2015: A Performance Celebrating Veteran Artists

07-15-2015: Veteran In Need


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